Beryl Website Hacked

On January 2nd, 2007 Beryl was the victim of an online attack directed at our MySQL server. This attack removed most entries for the past several weeks and will cost countless hours in repair and recovery. Logs of the attack have been salvaged and analyzed, and the likely origin of the attack identified. To save as much hysteria as possible, this attack appears to be isolated to the machine of a Compiz community member whose handle will not be released at this time. Logs of the attack will be made publically available once they have been turned over and reviewed by the proper community authorities. The Compiz community has been extremely helpful in dealing with this crisis and have offered additional insight and information to the attack. To put some additional fears to rest, the forums are unaffected and continue to function normally, the blog, dev blogs, and wiki all suffered hits however. The recovery process has begun. As updates continue we will post them here.

--The Beryl Team