Introduction of new features in Compiz Fusion - the Compiz/Beryl merge

Not only does the new project that results from the merge of Compiz and Beryl have a new name -- Compiz Fusion -- it also comes with a whole host of new features, which are introduced in this post (with screenshots).

Compiz and Beryl reunited officially

After several weeks of discussion the leaders of Compiz and Beryl have agreed that the two communities shall reunite. This decision is supported by both David and Quinn and represents the majority decision of the administrators and developers in each community. At this early stage not a lot has been decided, but these are the main points of the agreement:

Beryl and Compiz Merge: What's actually going on?

"Recently Quinns post to the beryl-dev mailing list entitled 'Merge on' has led to a lot of discussion, some of which has been good and some of which has led to a lot of misinformation, to clear things up I'd like to give the story of the merge, and the justification for some of the more peculiar aspects. Basically lets try to avoid misinformation and make sure everyone has a realistic picture of what's happening."

Beryl 0.2.1 fixes licensing issues, can now be used in Ubuntu and Debian

The Beryl project has just released beryl 0.2.1. There’s nothing NEW in the release. However all of the licenses have been fixed so that it can go into Debian and Ubuntu.

Beryl 0.2.0 Released

Beryl 0.2.0 is a complete overhaul of Beryl. The last stable release 0.1, featured a very fun, and eye-candy based compositing window manager. However, since it’s release, many parts of beryl have been rewritten, replaced, or simply dropped. The Beryl team has put in numerous hours to bring you this release. It’s filled with fun, eye-candy, better user support, new features, and most of all, stability. While Beryl has had numerous developer releases, known by their 0.1.X versions, 0.2.0 has been throughly tested by many more users.

Beryl - More Bling than Steve Jobs

Ubuntu Linux is not the prettiest of operating systems. I mean sure, it has some nice neat themes, but when it comes to toolbars, windows and other graphical stuff, it really does not cut the cheese.

Along comes Beryl, no, not a 60 year old grandmother from Wagga Wagga, but a program that sits on top of linux that makes it pretty. Beryl (and XGL windows manager) takes not all that long to set up, about 10 min, as long as you have the correct video drivers installed, and as soon as you restart, you have the most pretty and cool operating system around.

Beryl 0.2.0 rc2 Released

Beryl 0.2.0 RC2 is now tagged and released, check your repos for updates in the next day or so. This release includes minor bugfixes to issues with cube, emerald, window snapoffs have been re-added back in and are now working. Several other smaller bugs have been fixed along the way dealing with animations and window management features. Check for your favorite bug and get feedback to trac as soon as possible!

Beryl 0.2.0-RC1 Released

Yeah it is out. This is a preview release of the upcomming Beryl 0.2.0 which has been branched off into its more or less final form minus a couple bug fixes. It does have a couple known bugs, so be aware. The 3D animations and heliodor still doesn't play nice all the time and Nvidia users will still experience the same tired black window bug (driver issue). Also there has been a slight change to how beryl-xgl is produced, so if your package doesn't have the beryl-xgl binary, poke your package maintainer for a fix.