Xbox360 Linux-PPC Kernel 2.6.20 Diff-Patches - Linux Loader Coming Soon

Felix Domke, known from the GameCube homebrew scene and the 'Console Hacking 2006' & 'Xbox and Xbox 360 Hacking' presentations at 23/22C3 posted diff-style kernel patches on ozlabs' linuxppc-dev mailinglist to add Xbox360 hardware support to the linux v2.6.20 kernel.

He also talks about a 'linux loader' that will be released soon that will allow to (easily) exploit the Hypervisor Vulnerability (so I guess that means it'll only work on Xbox360 kernel 4532 or 4548, not with the new 4552) ... so we might soon be able to boot linux on a retail 360.

"This series of patches add support for the Xbox 360 gaming console.

Note that these patches were written by different people, who want to remain anonymous. These drivers were written without hardware documentation being available.

There are probably more than some rough edges. Please comment and/or provide patches.

To actually run this, you need a special loader which exploits the recently announced vulnerability. This loader was developed separately and should be available soon.

Xbox360 Linux-PPC Kernel 2.6.20 Diff-Patches - Linux Loader Coming Soon.