Lina runs Linux Apps on Windows and Mac OS X

Lina, an Alameda software company, unveils LINA. LINA enables a Linux application, developed and compiled once, to run with native look and feel on three different platforms. The company will release the source code for this technology next month under the GPL and a commercial license, making Open Source applications portable to non-Linux operating systems and the numerous varieties of Linux operating systems.

LINA provides a major technological breakthrough in application portability. LINA brings thousands of applications to the ninety-five percent of computer users who run non-Linux operating systems. LINA allows users to run Open Source Linux applications on Windows and Mac desktops. Users experience the familiar look, feel, and functionality of their native operating systems, since LINA applications appear to the user as native applications regardless of the underlying platform.

"LINA is a win-win technology," says James McGreen, CEO of Lina, "Developers get the users they want. Windows and Mac users get to run an incredible number of open source programs without having to learn a new operating system."

When companies develop key applications to run on LINA, they can get to market quicker by reusing Open Source components and can still sell their end product to Windows and Mac users. With LINA, system administrators can change and upgrade operating systems with minimal business impact. LINA brings application portability to a new level, and encourages the use of Open Source everywhere.