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How will Linux win the OS wars? From the bottom up!

For years people have been wondering, how exactly will Linux become the number one operating system in the world? Some said it would start in the server world, and in many ways it has. But even having a majority market share in the server room doesn't translate to market dominance. So what about the classroom? Apple tried that years ago and we can see how well that went. IBM tried for the business market and had about as much luck. But Microsoft went after the home market. Capture the hearts and minds of the workers at home and you can sway even the most stubborn of companies to buy your product. With that thought, and the help of the hardware OEM's, Microsoft essentially took over the world.

Embedded OS trends points to Linux...sometimes

While the use of Linux continues to sail along at a nice clip, the number of people kicking the tires is shrinking, for all the right reasons.

NYSE places buy on Linux, hold on Unix

The New York Stock Exchange is investing heavily in x86-based Linux systems and blade servers as it builds out the NYSE Hybrid Market trading system that it launched last year. Flexibility and lower cost are among the goals. But one of the things that NYSE Euronext CIO Steve Rubinow says he most wants from the new computing architecture is technology independence.

The World Series of Linux: Round 1

For untold thousands of developers around the world, it's not a game. For solution providers and their customers, it's not a game.

But the world of desktop Linux has become increasingly competitive, increasingly important to the IT industry, and increasingly available for anyone to try.

Iranian computing center removes photos of Linux super computer

The Iranian computing research center that says it built a supercomputer with Advanced Micro Devices Inc.'s Opteron processors has removed from its Web site photographs showing a possible link to the United Arab Emirates as a source of the chips. But something that can't be removed so easily are longstanding U.S. concerns about the UAE being a conduit for sending technology to Iran and other banned countries.

Linux Reaches 'The Show'

Unlike Apple or Microsoft, the Linux community doesn't hold launch events with rock stars when a new operating system is released. Customers don't line up overnight outside retail stores throwing out snappy quotes to the media. But over time -- especially over the past 18 months -- Linux developers have delivered technology to the market that is sound, that is simple and that can do the basic work people need to get done.

Using a Bluetooth phone with Linux

"My old mobile phone, which was held together with duct tape for the last few months of its sad existence, has finally been replaced with something more modern. I wanted to pick up a programmable, Linux-based phone like the RAZR2V8 or the FIC Neo1973, but I'm unfortunately a Verizon customer, which means that my options are currently very, very limited—at least until Verizon follows through with its open network plans. I ended up grabbing a vx8550, which is Verizon's rebranded (and, of course, crippled) LG Chocolate. This is the first phone I have ever owned that actually has Bluetooth support, so I spent some time yesterday learning how to use Bluetooth on Linux. This is a short overview of what I discovered."