AT&T Fires Back at Verizon in the Open Source War

After Verizon Wireless attracted publicity for announcing it would open its wireless network to all devices next year, AT&T jumped into the ring today, embracing the so-called "open devices" trend within the wireless industry.

Canadian DMCA Won't Include Consumer Rights

"As protests mount over the Canadian DMCA, law professor Michael Geist is now reporting that the government plans to delay addressing fair use and consumer copyright concerns such as the blank media tax for years. While the U.S. copyright lobby get their DMCA, consumers will get a panel to eventually consider possible changes to the law. Many Canadians are responding today with a mass phone-in to Industry Minister Jim Prentice to protest the policy plans."

Dell Updating system BIOS when running Ubuntu

"I've published firmware-tools deb packages, and the latest system BIOS images for 223 Dell system types, into a new repository on Please see the instructions for how to use them. In a nutshell, for Ubuntu systems with 7.04 Feisty, 7.10 Gutsy, or Hardy, be sure the Universe section is enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list, then run as root:"

FUDCon Raleigh 2008

The next FUDCon (Fedora User and Developer Conference) will be in Raleigh, NC from January 11-13, 2008. The event is 100% free to attend.

openSUSE 11.0 Alpha0

"We'd like to kick start the development of openSUSE 11.0 in releasing the current state of Factory as Alpha0 release."

Microsoft trials XP on XO laptop

Microsoft is to begin field tests of Windows XP working on the so-called $100 laptop, or XO, early in 2008.

Drupal 6.0 Beta 4 Released

"Following on the third beta release two weeks ago, we are ready to present Drupal 6.0 beta 4. Since the previous beta release, we have committed over 80 fixes to the Drupal 6.x code. This beta version includes some usability improvements and lots of bug fixes for issues which the testers and contributed module upgraders encountered."

SourceForge Launches Marketplace for Open Source Software

SourceForge the world’s largest web site for open source development and distribution, today launched an online marketplace for technology professionals to buy and sell service and support for open source software.