KDE 4.0 Release Schedule Finalised

The KDE Community and the release team have put together a release plan for the long anticipated version 4.0, which is planned to be released in October 2007. KDE 4.0 will be a major milestone for the Free Desktop, as it offers a new foundation and set of frameworks that will shape the desktop user experience for years to come. Users will benefit from improved speed through Qt 4, integration of hardware through Solid, multimedia performance via Phonon, usability enhancements by close collaboration with OpenUsability, new real-time communication options with Decibel, spell-checking with Sonnet, comprehensive desktop search through Strigi and Nepomuk, a new desktop metaphor through Plasma and, last but not least, a completely new artwork experience called Oxygen.

Trolltech’s Qtopia Chosen as the Preferred Platform for Skype Certified WiFi Phones

Trolltech announced that Skype, the global internet communications company, has chosen Trolltech’s Qtopia as the preferred platform for connecting the Skype user interface to the operating system in Skype Certified WiFi handsets and a variety of other devices that deliver a Skype experience.

Will an open source router replace your Cisco router?

Vyatta is an open source company that hopes to take the XORP (i.e., extensible open source router platform) and make it a commercially viable, enterprise-ready product. Pronounced "vee-atta," Vyatta wants to do for routers what Red Hat did for Linux and what Asterisk is trying to do with VoIP. (For some background, see George Ou's blog post, "Open source routers shine at Vyatta secret society.")

Oracle CEO: Linux Support Program Working

Oracle Corp. has gotten off to a "very strong start" with its support program for users of Red Hat Inc.'s Enterprise Linux, according to Oracle CEO Larry Ellison.

Ellison announced the program back in October at Oracle's OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, but since then the company has declined to comment on the progress of the support offering aimed at both Oracle and non-Oracle users.

Taking over the world, one GNU/Linux PC at a time

This is the promised followup to the recent article which basically establishes significant flaws in execution of the World Domination 201 plan which by all means seems to have started. The flaws are in the nature of the business model employed by the company who is apparently supposed to play a crucial role in this plan, Linspire.

Santa Clara U To Host Open Source Symposium

Santa Clara University in California next week will host a symposium on open-souece software. Titled "Virtues and Vices of Open Source Software," the symposium will focus on issues surrounding commercial and open-source software development.

IBM's (Redacted) Reply Memorandum in Support of its SJ on Counterclaim Ten

Here's IBM's Reply Memorandum in Further Support of its Motion for Summary Judgment on its Claim for Declaratory Judgment of Non-Infringement with respect to its Linux Activities (IBM's Tenth Counterclaim). This was one of the summary judgment motions heard by Judge Kimball on March 7th (transcript is here for reference).

TrueCrypt 4.3 Released

"We are pleased to announce that TrueCrypt 4.3 has been released. Among the new features are full compatibility with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows Vista, support for devices and file systems that use a sector size other than 512 bytes (such as new hard drives, USB flash drives, DVD-RAM, MP3 players, etc.), auto-dismount when a host device (e.g., a USB flash drive) is inadvertently removed, and many more. In addition to new features, there are many significant improvements. Some portions of the TrueCrypt device driver have been completely redesigned and several bugs have been fixed."