GreatBridge PostgreSQL 7.0.3 Review

Ok, so I'm not really a gung ho DBA. However, I'm enough of one to warrant a look at GreatBridge PostgreSQL. All I have to say is WOW! To date this has been the best database I have worked with yet. It was extremely easy to install, and easy to work with too. I'd have to say that it can rival even the very expensive commercial database software.

IBM Websphere 4.0 for Linux Review

I'll admit it, I don't like to write web pages. In fact I have a major dislike of the entire process. I love to write in PERL, C, shell scripts, etc but not HTML or anything web-related. Recently I discovered the need to re-publish my old website and after reviewing and comparing it with other "amateur" sites I came to the realization that mine didn't just suck, but it sucked with a vengeance.

Netscape 6 Review

Most web browsers on the market today for Linux seem to be lacking. There doesn't seem to be any browsers that have good features, support, standards, and stability. When Netscape released it's version 6 it claim to have:

VMware 2.0.3 Review

In today's world of Information Technology it is almost impossible to to work exclusively with only one operating system. That being the case the folks at VMware, Inc. dove in and developed VMware; a friendly, robust, and affordable Virtual Machine.

Blender 2.0 Review

When I first started using Linux it had many impressive, if not attractive, features. For the price of a blank CD-R, I could turn my home computer into a production quality, web/SQL/email/news/chat/proxy/younameit server. On the desktop side I could check email, surf the net, chat with geeks, word process, program anything under the sun, and do just about anything that could be done with a computer. I had it all. Or so I thought.

Funnel Web Pro 3.6 Review

Anyone who has ever administered a webserver recognizes the importance of having a powerful and robust log analyzer. The purpose of a log analyzer is to breakdown and produce reports of statistics from the logs that your webserver produces, and present them in a useful and well organized fashion.