Bullish on Enterprise Open Source in 2007

As 2007 gets under way, Optaros Inc., a consulting and integration firm specializing in enterprise-ready Open Source is very bullish on Open Source’s prospects in the enterprise.

Flash Player 9 For Linux Released

This is it. This is the officially blessed version of the Adobe Flash Player 9 for Linux (x86). Not a beta version; the final version. It's released. Today.

EU Commission Study Finds You'll Save Money Switching to FOSS

The EU Commission's Final Report on its "Study on the Economic impact of open source software on innovation and the competitiveness of the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector in the EU" is now available on its policy documents, publications and studies page as a PDF.

I thought you'd be interested in the conclusion regarding total cost of ownership. Is it true that switching to Open Source will cost you more than staying with Windows, as Microsoft's "Get the Facts" page claims? No. The study found:

ApacheCon EU Call for Papers Deadline this Friday

If you haven't responded to the Call for Papers and are interested in doing so, the deadline is Friday, 12 January. Details within.

Can FOSS save your privacy?

Well, the Bush regime has already claimed “we don’t need no steenkin warrant” to listen to your phone calls, see what websites you visit, scan your emails, and now, with the revelation of a new “signing statement”, it’s even claiming the authority to read your physical mail. When the government becomes the biggest threat to your privacy, you better take advantage of the legion of privacy advocates creating FOSS to help you retain what little bit of privacy you can still have.

Conference encourages Linux in the bathroom

Australia's biggest Linux conference will kick off next week and the organizer has promised that attendees will get a lesson in how to control and monitor everyday objects -- including a toilet flush -- using the open source operating system.

Indian IT Services Organization Inclining Towards Linux

In line with many A one European cities moving towards open source technology like Amsterdam, the southern India city of Chennai is also moving towards Linux. The state of Tamil Nadu, is deploying 32,600 Linux desktop systems and training 30,000 government officials. Forty-three open source-based servers are also on the way to support key Government applications.

Red Hat Gains Momentum in the Spanish Market

Red Hat, Inc., announced that the company has experienced strong growth in Spain in recent months, with a substantial increase in the number of customers that rely on its open source technology.