Interview with FSFE President Georg Greve

Sean Daly had the opportunity to meet up in Brussles with George Greve, President of the Free Software Foundation Europe, on July 2nd, and naturally he wanted to ask him about GPLv3. He also got Greve's views on what's wrong with Open XML, some news about the complaint ECIS, the European Committee For Interoperable Systems, has lodged with the European Commission, this time in the area of office and internet interoperability, how the FSFE's Freedom Task Force has been working out, and much more.

MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos: What Open Source Is Really All About

"I am very passionate about open source. And I do believe that it is a superior method. But at the same time, I must be pragmatic. So when they say being dogmatic is very important for the Free Software Foundation -- well, they should be. That's what we respect them for. But running a business is not about dogma," said MySQL CEO Mårten Mickos.

Steve Wozniak: Open Source good, DRM dying

"Steve Wozniak just weighed in on DRM, saying "it doesn't make much sense if these things are going to have DRM forever." In this great new interview, he complains that even now, only six songs on his iTunes playlist are DRM-free. He applauds the Open Source Movement, saying "it's very honorable and it's very good for the customers." He's even considering publishing the hand-written code for the Apple II as a manuscript. He's also surprisingly non-commital about the iPhone. ("Will word of mouth kill it or make it a hit? Who knows?") He also talks about his favorite pranks, and reveals that "he Secret Service read me my Miranda rights once."

The Open Source CEO: Dries Buytaert, Drupal

"In this tenth installment of the Open Source CEO Series, I shifted gears again to talk with someone that has chosen not to carry the CEO title, despite ample opportunity to claim it. (I know a range of VCs who would love to invest in Drupal.) Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, is Linus-like in his ability to build an amazing community without undue concern for commercializing his success. I think he's one of the most interesting people in open source, given what he's accomplished and what he continues to forego in terms of cash and publicity."

Interview With Fred Miller - GNU/Linux Evangelist

Fred Miller is a prolific GNU/Linux evangelist and active member of the OpenSUSE community. He has converted numerous small businesses and individuals from Windows to GNU/Linux. LXer has the interview.

Google Keeps Close Eye on Open Source

Chris DiBona, open-source programs manager at Google, gave a talk called "A Year of Open Source at Google" for the Google New York speaker series. Prior to his talk, which was closed to press, DiBona spoke on May 16 with eWEEK Senior Editor Darryl K. Taft about a series of issues such as Microsoft's recent saber rattling over patents, Google's open-source development contributions and what GPLv3 means for Google.

Linux guru backs new GNU licence

Open source guru Alan Cox has voiced his support for the controversial version 3.0 of the GNU General Public Licence in an exclusive podcast interview with Computer Weekly.

Interview: Open-source advocate Eben Moglen

Eben Moglen admits he is a "talker" and his performance during our brief 30-minute chat does nothing to persuade otherwise. The former general counsel to the Free Software Foundation was at the Red Hat Summit in San Diego on Thursday to put his considerable oratorical skills to use, updating attendees around the soon-to-be-launched third instalment of the GNU General Public License — a set of rules and restrictions that underpins the use of a lot of open-source software.