Open Source Venture Capitalist Answers Your Questions

The venture capitalist is, of course, Richard Gorman, of Bay Partners, to whom we sent your questions earlier this week. He prefaces his answers by saying: "Thanks for all of your questions. They were very insightful and I enjoyed answering them. I also want to thank Salil Deshpande of Bay Partners who contributed to these answers and provided some healthy discussion. Salil is a successful two-time entrepreneur and is very knowledgeable."

Interviews from this year's Ohio Linux Fest

The Linux Link Tech Show was in attendance at this year's Ohio Linux Fest this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

In cooperation with Aaron Newcomb of the source, the boys conducted several notable interviews with John "maddog" Hall, Jeff Waugh, Joe Born and Ted Haeger.

Interview with Malcolm Yates Of Ubuntu

TechWeb recently spoke with Malcolm Yates, Canonical's ISV and partner manager, about Ubuntu's place in the rapidly-evolving enterprise Linux ecosystem. Yates discussed the pivotal role Canonical's nascent ISV and OEM partnerships will play in deciding whether Ubuntu earns a spot alongside the likes of Red Hat and Suse -- and he explained what Ubuntu, in return, can offer Canonical's enterprise Linux partners.

Interview with MandrakeLinux and Ulteo founder Gaël Duval

Gaël Duval, the founder of the popular MandrakeLinux (later MandrivaLinux) project, was fired from Mandriva last spring in an effort to cut costs. Almost immediately afterward, Duval began work on a new GNU/Linux distribution, Ulteo. As of this writing, Ulteo has not yet released its first beta edition, but it should be available soon. While we're all waiting, I figured I'd ask Mr. Duval some questions about Ulteo, Mandriva, and starting GNU/Linux projects in general.

Five Questions (plus one) for My Boss, Jim Curtin, CEO, Win4Lin

"I’m kicking off a series of interviews with thought leaders in the world of Linux Business and Open Source. I thought it only fair that I’d place my own boss, Jim Curtin, in the hot seat for the first interview. Jim is President and CEO of Win4Lin."

Beowulf cluster provisioning, booting, driver troubles virtually unfixable

Don Becker is working hard to improve booting and provisioning options in Beowulf, the pioneering open source cluster project he co-founded. Improvements are all that's possible, so don't expect a silver bullet -- like virtualization -- to end booting, provisioning or device driver compatibility, he warns.