Ajax for JSF

In this article you'll learn how surprisingly easy it is to leverage Ajax as a natural improvement on JSF's event-driven architecture and how to do so without compromising the JSF component model. Explore the rest of the Seamless JSF series.

Seamless JSF: Conversations with Seam

Developing a stateful CRUD application is a breeze with Seam on the job. Dan Allen shows you how to use JavaServer Faces (JSF) and Seam to develop the create, read, update, and delete use cases for a Web-based golf course directory.

Real-time Java: Threading and synchronization

This article examines aspects of threading and synchronization that an implementation of the Real-time Specification for Java (RTSJ) must support.

Java Technologies Extend Global Distribution with Ubuntu 7.04

Sun Microsystems, Inc. and Canonical Ltd., today announced the immediate availability of a complete, production quality Java technology stack and developer tools with the latest release of Ubuntu, v7.04, making it easier for GNU/Linux developers to leverage the Java platform in their applications.

ChainBuilder ESB for Linux has HL7 and TCP IP support

Bostech Corporation announces ChainBuilder ESB for Linux's milestone release, which includes HL7 message format and TCP/IP Protocol support.

Web 2.0 is vulnerable to attack

Security researchers have found what they say is an entirely new kind of web-based attack, and it only targets the Ajax applications so beloved of the 'Web 2.0' movement.

Open source Java will still be secure

Java co-inventor James Gosling squashes what he says is a misconception that open source is less secure than proprietary software, pledging that Java will remain secure even after it is fully open source.

Automate GUI testing with TestNG-Abbot

TestNG-Abbot is a testing framework that breathes new life into testing GUI components. Understand the scenario and you'll find it surprisingly easy to isolate GUI components and then verify them using the framework's handy fixture objects.