Linux Foundation Announces Open Source Developer Travel Fund

Funds Will Allow Community's Elite Developers to Attend Technical Conferences for Collaboration; Two Grants Already Awarded.

One man writes Linux drivers for 235 USB webcams

A lone hobbyist programmer sitting at his home in France is responsible for adding 235 USB webcams to the list of those supported by Linux. He tells the INQUIRER about this often unknown and unrecognized achievement.

Qantas ditches Linux for AIX

Qantas will next month shift the underlying platform running its internal finance systems from Linux to IBM's Unix variant AIX as part of its wide-ranging eQ transformation project.

Linux-powered robots go global

Researchers have unveiled internet-controlled wireless robots which are simple enough for "almost anyone" to build with off-the-shelf parts.

Created by boffins at Carnegie Mellon University, the robots can take many forms, from a three-wheeler with a mounted camera to a flower loaded with infrared sensors.

Mainsoft Announces Winners of 'Race to Linux 2.0'

Mainsoft announced the winners of the "Race to Linux 2.0." Jointly sponsored by Mainsoft, IBM, and Novell, the Race to Linux 2.0 challenged .NET developers to take three open-source ASP.NET 2.0 applications from Windows to Linux using their cross-platform tool of choice (e.g. Mono, Mainsoft's Grasshopper 2.0 Technology Preview, PHP, or Ruby). Nearly 600 developers registered for the competition.

That Linux thing - where’s the vision?

"I get asked, fairly often, why I'm down on Linux. I'm not - I'm like a guy with three kids: love all of them, but find myself spending more time with one than the other two - hey, I even have the guilt that goes with the analogy!"

Tools and open standards through Open Source development

Compare Apache Derby and Geronimo open source solutions with the IBM open source based commercial offerings of WebSphere Application Server Community Edition and IBM Cloudscape.

US company pushing Linux in India

Open Invention Network (OIN), the company formed to spur innovation and protect the Linux System, announced today it is touring key Indian technology centers, hosting IT and intellectual property industry gatherings in New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.