How Would You Refocus Linux Development?

"The majority of Slashdot readers are no doubt appreciative of Linux in the general sense, but I suspect we all have some application or aspect of the platform that we wish were more stable, performant, feature-rich, etc. So my question is: if you were able to devote a 'significant' number of resources (read: high-quality developers) to a particular app or area of the kernel, and were able to set the focus for those resources (stability, performance, new features, etc.), what application or kernel area would you attempt to improve, and what would aspect you focus on improving?"

Levanta Launches Free Linux Management Virtual Appliance

Levanta today announced the release of the Intrepid VM Linux Management Appliance. The Intrepid VM is a VMware appliance version of the award-winning Levanta Intrepid line of Linux life-cycle management products, which automate provisioning, change control, migration and disaster recovery processes for Linux systems.

Massively multicore processor runs Linux

A startup founded by an MIT professor claims to have "solved the fundamental challenges associated with multicore scalability." Tilera's first products include a 64-core Tile64 SoC (system-on-chip), PCIe Express add-in board for networking and video-processing applications, multicore-optimized Linux libraries, and an Eclipse-based multicore development environment toolset.

The Linux Weather Forecast

"The Linux Foundation launched the Linux Weather Forecast yesterday. It features 'current conditions' for kernel development, a 'short-term forecast,' and a 'long-term forecast.' Now developers and organizations that want to see when certain implementations/fixes are planned can find answers at this informative and handy site."

LinuxMCE Partners with KDE for New Release

"When picking a media center solution for your PC, it tends to be a matter of compromise. There are solutions that are visually attractive, solutions that are Free/open source software, solutions that are more complete than others and solutions that integrate well with a desktop environment."

Linux and Windows Interoperability: On the Metal and On the Wire

"I had the opportunity to present at both OSCON in Portland and at LinuxWorld in San Francisco in the last three weeks – both O’Reilly and IDG were gracious enough to grant me a session on the work that Microsoft is doing with Novell, XenSource, and others on Linux and Windows interoperability."

Linux ready to play with rivals

DELL'S chief technology officer sees a huge future in Linux virtualisation for the once-dominant PC manufacturer.

Linus explains why open source works

"Linus Torvalds is often described as an open source champion, interested in licensing only insofar as it affects his ability to share code and improve software more quickly. However, his real position is more complicated -- and to some, perhaps surprising."