Linux in Business

Open Source Opportunities for Cash-Strapped Startups

More companies are using open source programs as they become mainstream, but most still use proprietary software such as Microsoft Office, said Gary Suter, a founder of BitLeap. Proprietary, or closed, software does not give users access to the programming language. The push for emerging technology companies to use open source is pure economics.

Linux On Wall Street Is Not An Oxymoron. Or Is It?

The Linux on Wall Street conference in New York is an attempt to highlight Linux and open source vendors and solutions, demonstrating and pontificating on how they all can work together.

But can they work together?

Linux on Wall Street

On Monday I attended the Linux on Wall Street conference. The overall theme of the conference was leveraging open source (and Linux) to power mission-critical business applications, particularly financial services applications. Many of the big boys from all spheres were there (customers, vendors, press, and analysts). I had the opportunity to present a keynote session entitled “Open Source in High-Performance Trading Systems”.

Open Source And Money

There seems to be some activity this week around earnings through open source. First there is Hugh Macleod’s question about finding billionaires in open source. There were some replies, but the one that hit the nail is Jeff Atwood’s

Former OSDL CEO Launches Company Targeting Enterprise IT

Former Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) CEO Stuart Cohen today launched a new company that will solve shared enterprise IT problems by bringing together companies to develop software at half the cost of outsourcing. The company, Collaborative Software Initiative (CSI), is pioneering a market-changing process that applies open source methodologies to business communities facing similar IT challenges.

Comcast Invests in Open Source Router Manufacture Vyatta

Vyatta today announced it has completed its Series B financing led by Comcast Interactive Capital (CIC). In addition to leading the round, CIC has joined the Vyatta board of directors, where it will assist the company in addressing service provider market opportunities for its open-source networking solutions that include routing, firewall, and VPN functionality as well as extensibility for many other network applications.

Novell deal yields dividends - for Red Hat

A "sizable number" of developers have jumped ship from Novell to Red Hat, according to Scott Crenshaw, the senior director for product management and marketing at Red Hat.

Crenshaw wasn't able to provide specific numbers but said many Samba developers were among those who had made the move. Chief Samba developer, Jeremy Allison, left Novell some months back and moved over to Google, in protest against the deal which saw Novell get into bed with Microsoft.

Interpreting recent open source IPO buzz

Open source IPS maker Sourcefire is now a publicly-traded company, with its IPO last week on the Nasdaq. Meanwhile, reports say that open source database company MySQL is thinking about a similar move.