Linux vs Windows

EU forces Microsoft to cage open source patent dogs

Microsoft's compliance with the 2004 EU anti-trust ruling offering some good news to open source developers and users. The agreement will make it much easier for commercial and especially open source providers to create products that work with Microsoft products. As a result, Microsoft will no longer be able force itself upon new markets by offering a level of integration that isn't available from competing vendors.

Another Indirect Link is Found Between Microsoft and Acacia

Remember BayStar? That company is the probably most major link between Microsoft and SCO. As you are aware, SCO’s lawsuits against Linux (vendors/users) began in 2003 and an E-mail that we have just receives reveals the following nugget of information.

Red Hat vs. Microsoft... who would win the patent battle?

Four years ago, Red Hat got tired of SCO's FUD and told them to "Put up or shut up." Now Microsoft is smearing around the FUD with its patent claims. Should Szulik put on a fedora and "Prove It!" pin and pwn Redmond? Who do you think would win this match up?

Microsoft's Ballmer Reportedly Threatens Red Hat

Tom Sanders is reporting that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer gave a talk at a company event in the UK last week saying that Red Hat customers need to pay Microsoft for its beloved IP, whatever it may consist of:

Linux group calls Microsoft's bluff

The head of the Open Invention Network (OIN) has dismissed Microsoft's claims that Linux violates over 200 of its patents. OIN chief executive Jerry Rosenthal told that Microsoft's assertions are simply an attempt to undermine the open source movement.

Microsoft launch campaign worthy of a politician in it's vagueness

Microsoft's latest affront to the Linux community is their "STATE GOVERNMENT SAYS LINUX WAS TOO BIG A RISK" campaign, and I'm sick of them ad-spamming Linux related articles with this piece of garbage. The Linux Scorecard blog digs a bit deeper and discusses the claim, and the man who originally made it.

Linux to Finally Kill Windows in Europe?

In the future, Linux might very well have a fighting chance on European soil, against Windows. Following Microsoft’s Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Brad Smith did not rush to anticipate a worry free outcome for the Redmond company over the pond. Although the dismissal of the company’s appeal by the Court of First Instance of Luxembourg, was a clear indication of the full support of both the European Commission’s 2004 antitrust ruling against Microsoft, and of the €497 million financial penalty, Smith argued that additional third-party claims could follow.

Microsoft starts a "Get the Facts" campaign...against itself

In a very funny turn of events, Microsoft is out preaching to the industry that XP is a bloated expense hog, while svelte Vista will cure world hunger (or, at least, cost less), as Paul Krill notes...