Linux vs Windows

OpenSuSE to rival VISTA

While the eyes of the IT experts have spent plenty of time looking to see the new Microsoft's unfolding operating system named VISTA, the open sourced companies and individuals have been building the Linux operating systems for a better adoption from the Desktop users.

Windows vs. Open Source in 2007

The open source arena is forming a rather formidable fan following. In the beginning this was a small community known onl to a niche audience but today we see a different picture. Commercial software and the the open source software seem to be at the same footing.

Tamil Nadu (India) may shut door on Microsoft

The Tamil Nadu government, which is on a fast-track pushing the state to the top in the Indian IT sector, has almost shut its door on the software giant, Microsoft, preferring the Open Source Systems (OSS) for reasons of costs and easy migrating capabilities.

Microsoft will drive Linux desktop adoption in 2007

As part of a list of predictions for 2007, research firm IDC said Microsoft's client operating system anti-piracy efforts will backfire in 2007. Instead of stamping out software piracy, the campaign will drive customers toward a Linux desktop, said the Framingham, Mass.-based research firm.

Redmond vs. Red Hat: Divide and conquer

As we close out the year, it is instructive to ponder last month's pro-Linux announcement by Microsoft. It tells us a lot about how the company's thinking is evolving with respect to competition. And, more importantly, what that might mean to customers in the coming year.

You have to give Microsoft credit. With one announcement the company significantly undermined the enterprise Linux movement while superficially offering it support.

Linux Security: A Big Edge Over Windows

Linux is better at locking down a computer than Windows. The Linux OS uses configuration settings and user permissions to a much more efficient degree than the Windows administrator account. To do this, non-enterprise users should seek help from third-party security suites that serve as configuration managers, James Bottomley, chief technology officer of SteelEye Technology said.

IDC predicts Microsoft’s anti-piracy efforts will boost Linux

IDC is the latest of the analyst firms to push its predictions for 2007 out the door, and pretty interesting reading they make too: particularly the prediction that Microsoft’s anti-piracy efforts could boost Linux adoption.

Loves Linux, Runs Windows

In Norway, a project known as eNorway 2009 was begun in 2005 to convert Norway's public sector to open source software.

The goal was for all government institutions to begin replacing Windows with non-proprietary, open source software by the end of this year, but the project has stalled, with few if any Linux PC installations, according to Geir Nøklebye, an IT consultant and open source activist.