New Releases

CrossOver 6 for Linux

CrossOver Linux allows you to install many popular Windows productivity applications, plugins and games in Linux, without needing a Microsoft Operating System license.

CrossOver 6 added support for Outlook 2003, World of Warcraft, a range of Steam based games such as Half-Life 2, and a number of other applications.

Adobe Reader 7.09 Released for Linux

The Adobe Reader (formerly Adobe Acrobat Reader) allows you to view, navigate, and print PDF files for Linux/Solaris/HP-UX. A cross-site scripting vulnerability reported in CVE-2007-0045 and APSA07-01, allowing remote attackers to inject arbitrary JavaScript into a browser session, was fixed.

SabayonLinux x86/x86-64 3.25 Released

"We are now considered by the Beryl developers the official distribution. Why...? Don't ask us, just ask Quinn_Storm, one of the main developers that switched to using SabayonLinux! Because of this, beryl being our 3D provider, we will keep the development communication line wide open and will mutually work together ..."

Compiz 0.3.6 Released

Another development version of Compiz has been released. Compiz 0.3.6 adds Basic Drag+Drop support for Scale, KDE-Window-Decorator for KDE users, Improved metacity theme support and button placement, Thumbnails support shadows and decorations in Switcher.

Trolltech releases Qtopia 4.2.0

Trolltech, the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, today announced the release of Qtopia 4.2.0. With the 4.2.0 release, Qtopia offers complete VoIP and WiFi functionality in addition to enhancements of existing telephony capabilities. Other highlights in the Qtopia 4.2.0 release include an enhanced multimedia player based on the RealNetworks® Helix™ DNA™ Client, basic MIDI support, ease of graphics design with SVG support and support for second or multiple displays.

Commons SCXML 0.6 Released

Commons SCXML provides a Java State Chart XML (W3C Working Draft) engine. Anything that can be represented as a UML state chart -- business process flows, view navigation bits, interaction or dialog management, and many more -- can leverage the Commons SCXML library. Commons SCXML 0.6 contains a few new features and a small number of bug fixes.

MythDora-3.1 Released

This is a bug fix release to MythDora 3.0. This version should correct the mythbackend issue that some were having as well as an Nvidia bad colors display in mythtvsetup.

Liferay Unveils Liferay Portal 4.2

Liferay today announced the release of Liferay Portal 4.2. The latest version offers added back-end enhancements to workflow and content management via integration with ServiceMix JBI, jBPM workflow engine, and Alfresco, as well as new features such as chat and other user-interface enhancements that further improve end-user experience and collaboration.