Most popular Linux community stories for the week Aug 25 2007

Here is the weekly wrap-up, some of the hottest stories in the Linux community this week were...

- Linus Torvalds: I Have Never Really Talked To Microsoft!

- Advanced Security Management Tool for Linux

- Ask MainConcept to release MainActor as Open Source software

- Microsoft vs. Google – the open source shame

- Adobe knocks open-source creative tools

- Asterisk Creator Leads the Open Source VoIP Charge at VoiceCon 2007

- Can Yahoo use open source to close Google gap?

- openSUSE 10.3 Beta2

- Top 10 Gnome Desktop Tweaks

- Rock Your iPod With an Open-Source Upgrade

- Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Alpha "Tribe 5" Released

- Linux vs. BSD, What's the Difference?

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