Hands On With The First iDen Linux Phone

Nextel's iDen network isn't dead, Motorola says. To prove that they're still innovating in iDen phones, they showed a surprise new handset today at CTIA: the i876, the first iDen phone based on Motorola's new Linux/Java platform.

Open source and the numbers game

The emergence of open source is transforming the consensus understanding of the dynamics of both software development models and the business of software in general. Intertwined with this change is a need to formulate new methods for measurement and analysis. As a result, relying on traditional tools and approaches will continue to produce incomplete and vague coverage of the industry as a whole.

Dell: Linux Driver Support is Key

Dell recognizes the importance of open source, GPL-licensed drivers which are maintained upstream in kernel.org. They allow users the widest choice of Linux distributions, effectively taking the specific hardware and distribution out of the decision-making process and let you focus on solving your business problems. We will work with our hardware partners to develop, test, and maintain Free drivers, and continue to make progress towards that goal for all drivers.

ATI Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver 8.35.5

The 8.35.5 will be the last release in which the packages will be made available for XFree86 version 4.3, as well as X.org 6.8. One of these two versions must be installed before installing the AMD Catalyst Linux software suite.

Torvalds 'pretty pleased' about new GPL 3 draft

Linus Torvalds, leader of the Linux kernel project and a major figure in the open-source programming movement, said Wednesday he's "pretty pleased" with changes in a third draft of the General Public License (GPL) released Wednesday.

Asterix, the Gall - The Strange History of Linux and Trademarks

Since the earliest days, free software and its representatives on earth have been the subject of attacks that serve to question the originality, authenticity, authorship, identity and parentage of the software - but the loose communities (if such they are) of hackers, users, developers and proponents of GNU, Linux and free software have always been quick to respond, as Stallman observes in his history of the GNU project.

Open Source at Microsoft

“In 1995, Microsoft was the company that missed the Internet. In 2005, I don’t think you could say that. It was the company that missed open-source. In 2015, I don’t think you’re going to be able to say that. That’s my vision and the timeline I’m working on.”

Open source ... hardware? Someday, say ETech attendees

If sci-fi author William Gibson’s claim that "the future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet" is correct, then how we will manufacture physical goods tomorrow may be augured by how we make software today.

Open-source, object-oriented development, personalization, even hacking, are presaging and inspiring new manufacturing methods that will overhaul today’s plodding techniques born during the Industrial Revolution, according to panelists speaking Monday at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego.