Trolltech Qtopia Greenphone and SDK Review Addendum

Shortly after publishing this review, we were contacted by Trolltech in regards to the concerns we had over the licensing of the Greenphone. As a response, Trolltech has since changed the wording in its licensing with respect to the openness of the hardware. The entire team is pleased that Trolltech took our comments constructively and worked quickly to rectify the situation. We hope that these changes will help the Greenphone do well as an open mobile development platform and that many new free/open source projects flourish as a result.

Read the Trolltech Qtopia Greenphone and SDK Review.

Debian at the crossroads

The Debian GNU/Linux project has come to some kind of crossroads - due to many factors, some of them artificial - and the man who takes over leadership next month will have to make some crucial decisions on the future direction of the project.

Mandriva and O3Spaces Announce An Alliance

Mandriva will now distribute O3Spaces Workplace as part of the Corporate Server 4 and Mandriva Linux Powerpack+ 2007 Spring editions. The alliance also covers an extensive support agreement. This means that the customer is offered a well rounded software and service package to enhance office productivity, team work and collaboration based on Mandriva Linux server technology.

Collax updates its entire product family

Collax updates its entire product family, announces upgrade to kernel 2.6, new open-source components and implementation of AJAX.

Dell Refunds Vista/Works With Two Emails

"Although many people have asked for pre-installed Linux, and Dell seems to have listened, some still think that buying a naked PC won't be easy. But what about stripping it naked after you buy it? I managed to get Windows Vista (and a bit more) refunded from Dell Germany last week."

Beryl and Compiz Merge: What's actually going on?

"Recently Quinns post to the beryl-dev mailing list entitled 'Merge on' has led to a lot of discussion, some of which has been good and some of which has led to a lot of misinformation, to clear things up I'd like to give the story of the merge, and the justification for some of the more peculiar aspects. Basically lets try to avoid misinformation and make sure everyone has a realistic picture of what's happening."

SCO caught trying to change Wikipedia article and cover up Groklaw links.

From this post on Yahoo message boards, someone from within SCO has been caught trying to cover up info they don't like in Wikipedia's article on SCO, "sanitize" the Darl McBride article, and post on the Yahoo message boards that SCO stock really is a good buy.

Applying "The Art of War" to Open Source, Linux and BSD

Ask most people who have made the switch to a libre software product like Linux or BSD and they'll tell you that we're in a fight with Microsoft and everything that the closed-source world represents. It's not just us - Microsoft certainly thinks we're in a battle as well. Senior Microsoft leadership are actively engaged in spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt to undermine the public confidence in Linux.