OpenMoko already facing difficulties?

"Just a few days after going on sale, OpenMoko has received at least a thousand orders, but has since gone quiet. Nothing has shipped and no update on planned shipping dates. One developer (Harald Welte) is venting his frustration."

Openmoko goes live

OpenMoko is a GNU / Linux based open software development platform. Developers have full access to OpenMoko source and they can tailor their implementations to underlying hardware platforms.

Motorola's "open source" Service Availability Framework is not open source

Motorola released their "open source" Service Availability Framework. However, The license of OpenSAF isn't really open source after all - it's a mixture of GPL and MPL, with extra parts aimed at making sure that essential freedoms are prevented. This article highlights in red and blue where Motorola's license comes from.

OpenMoko availavle on July 9th

Starting July 9th OpenMoko will be taking orders on the worlds first integrated Open Source mobile communications platform. Two configurations will be available, the Neo Base for $300 and the Neo Advanced will be $450.

Asterisk open source company “not worried” about Microsoft patent heat

Ever since the “patent infringement” hissing and dissing match between Microsoft and the open source community flared up earlier this week, I’ve been wondering how Asterisk open source solution providers are looking at this issue.

Motorola finally launches U.S. Linux phone

Linux/Java has topped CEO Ed Zander's list of things to look for from Motorola as it attempts a financial turnaround. At a New York press conference this morning, Zander introduced Linux-based "Rokr" and "Razr2" models, along with new top-level executives.

Pidgin 2.0 Released

"After nearly two years of development, Pidgin 2.0 has finally been released! Originally called Gaim, Pidgin is a powerful and robust open source instant messaging client that supports many protocols. Pidgin 2.0 features a completely redesigned interface with attractive new icons and and a new status management system that was designed for optimal usability. Pidgin 2.0 also adds support for universal buddy icon management and smooth-scroll functionality for conversation windows"

Skype 1.4 Alpha for Linux Released

"Today, we have released Skype for Linux 1.4 Alpha, a test version which will give you a sneak-peek into how the next major release for Linux will function.

Alpha means that this version is still under development and only experienced users should try it out."