Open-source enthusiast chides Cisco over iPhone

Cisco has not published the source code for some components of the WIP300 iPhone in accordance with its open-source licensing agreement, said Armijn Hemel, a consultant with Loohuis Consulting and half of the team running the GPL Violations Project, an organization that identifies and publicizes misuse of GPL (GNU General Public License) licenses and takes some violators to court.

Houghton College Selects Pingtel’s Open Source VoIP Solution

Pingtel Corp., the leading provider of SIP-based Enterprise Communications Systems (ECS) today announced that Houghton College has selected Pingtel’s SIPxchange™ ECS for campus-wide deployment. When completed, the system will provide 1,500 faculty, staff, and students with real-time open source VoIP communications services.

Motorola RIZR Z6, Linux based music phone

Motorola has had a mostly quiet CES but there were a few announcements at CEO Ed Zander's keynote speech this morning. The most interesting of which is the Motorola RIZR Z6 which looks like a sleeker RIZR Z3 from the outside but sports Motorola's Linux based OS on the inside. The Linux and Java based OS has only been used on a few handsets and this is its highest profile launch.

The cloudy future of mobile Linux

Linux has been mentioned as a potentially leading platform for mobile devices for as long as there have been mobile devices. However, mobile Linux is still largely missing in action. The new crop of high-visibility smart phones such as the Samsung BlackJack, the Nokia E62 and the Treo 680 are based on Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Mobile, the Symbian and the aging Palm OS platforms.

So why are some in the mobile industry saying, once again, that Linux is on the brink of becoming a significant platform for advanced mobile devices such as smart phones? And why should anybody but industry insiders and geeks care?

Asterisk saves call centre operator R4.5m

Metropolitan Health Group (MHG) had saved R4.5 million in the last two years by switching to open source software for its Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS) call centre. This is according to MHG IT infrastructure manager Rod Russell, who said they migrated to Asterisk when they had to deliver a fully functional call centre in just two weeks.

Trolltech ready-made software suites for Linux-based mobile phones

Trolltech, the company that makes software faster to build and easier to use, today announced a new development initiative, Qtopia Greensuite. The Initiative actively addresses reducing a manufacturer’s time to market and the technology fragmentation issues of today’s Linux mobile phone market. The first software suite announced from the Initiative is Qtopia Greensuite #1, created specifically for high-end smart phone development.

The Economics of the First Truly Open Linux Phone

In Amsterdam yesterday at the Open Source in Mobile Conference, First International Computer (FIC) - a Taiwanese components manufacturer announced that OpenMoko is the platform of choice for their next generation smartphones.

Open Source VoIP Takes A Few Steps Forward

Several vendors, including Fonality, Digium, and Polycom, unveil new VoIP software, gear, and partnerships designed to move open source telephony into the mainstream.