Dell's Ubuntu Offering Shows Why Linux Is Its Own Worst Enemy

Dell is moving full speed ahead with its rush to deliver Ubuntu Linux on a bunch of upcoming laptops and desktops, but there's a potential problem looming: Multimedia support on the machines may be spotty.

Ubuntu 7.04 Offering—Technical Details from Dell

"Before we announce the availability of Ubuntu 7.04 on select Dell client systems, I'd like to give an overview of what customers can expect from our initial Ubuntu offering."

Ubuntu Founder: No Emulation Software for Dell Systems

Dell will not include open-source software such as Wine, which lets users run Windows programs on Linux, with the PCs it plans to bundle with Ubuntu Linux, Mark Shuttleworth, the founder of Ubuntu and its commercial sponsor Canonical, said May 3.

Dell Joins Microsoft and Novell Collaboration

Dell responds to customer demand for greater interoperability and intellectual property assurance between Windows and Linux.

Dell explains Linux delays

Dell has revealed the reasons behind its decision to delay the availability of Linux sold in the UK.

Dell's Linux PCs withheld from UK

The PC supplier said on Tuesday it would sell machines with Ubuntu Linux pre-installed later this month. But Dell has told ZDNet UK that the systems will be only be sold in the US for now. It refused to reveal any timescale for the sale of such systems in the UK.

Will Dell Ubuntu deal hurt Microsoft, Novell or Red Hat the hardest?

If they get it right, and a Linux Dell equates to a cheaper Dell, then Microsoft could face its most serious bit of competition for the longest time.

Ubuntu on Dell - Good for Linux or just for Canonical?

"So, Dell has chosen the business model of community support, with optional paid support provided by Canonical. In my opinion a smart move because it would have been very hard for Dell to quickly and adequately offer Linux support through their phone helpdesk."