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Convert your multimedia archive to open standards.

Mp3, wma formats are copyrighted formats. Not everybody knows that they are breaking a bunch of rules and copyright patents by playing and redistributing fileformats like mp3 and wma. The big companies are smart here by integrating their formats in their players and operatingsystems by default but they are not granting u as a user to do what you want with the music and other data that it produces.

Thats why i recommend all of you to convert your music archive to Ogg vorbis. Ogg Vorbis is a open and patent free format that gives you all advantages that opensource softwares provides.

Howto install Fedora Linux on a Sony Playstation 3

Full install instructions for installing Fedora Core 5 on a Sony Playstation 3 using OtherOS Installer released by Sony. Along with a short video of it up and running.

Making manpages work for you

One of the most important skills to have for navigating the command line in Linux is the ability to use manpages. The term "manpage", also sometimes spelled "man page", is short for "manual page". It refers to the online UNIX "manual", the traditional and most commonly available form of electronic documentation included with UNIX-based operating systems.

Monitor your Linux computer with machine-generated music

Use Perl and FluidSynth to create a real-time musical composition of your system status. Learn how to integrate various system monitoring data into a harmony-producing, MIDI-controlled audio synthesis.

Build a Web spider on Linux

Web spiders are software agents that traverse the Internet gathering, filtering, and potentially aggregating information for a user. Using common scripting languages and their collection of Web modules, you can easily develop Web spiders. This article shows you how to build spiders and scrapers for Linux to crawl a Web site and gather information, stock data, in this case

Cleaning up a Debian GNU/Linux system

You arrive at a Debian GNU/Linux server which has some history of neglection. Let's suppose someone else neglected it but if your new-year resolution is to stop neglecting your beloved server, this applies as well.

VMX Builder: Create virtual machines in minutes

While VMware Player is not designed to create virtual machines from scratch, other tools can help you to build your own VMs in a matter of minutes. You could use VMware's free VMware Server software, but it's overkill if you only need a quick-and-dirty way to build a VM. Instead, consider VMX Builder, an easy-to-use desktop tool for creating VMware virtual machines.

Quake 3 on Ubuntu Edgy x86_64

Installing Quake III Arena on a 64-bit Linux box isn't that bad actually. I couldn't find instructions anywhere on how to do this, so after figuring it out I'm writing them down here.