Pencils Down for KOffice Summer of Code Students

With an avalanche of last-minute commits, the KOffice Google Summer of Code students finished yet another great Summer of Code. We had some very exciting projects this year, and most of them were as great a success as last year. Read on for details of the achievements.

Amarok 1.4.7 Released

The Amarok crew released version 1.4.7 of their stunning music player. It includes a new application icon, even better streams, an improved collection backend and a bunch of bugfixes.

KDE 4.0 Beta 1 Released

The KDE Community is happy to announce the immediate availability of the first Beta release for KDE 4.0. This release marks the beginning of the integration process which will bring the powerful new technologies included in the now frozen KDE 4 libraries to the applications.

Member of Parliament Patrick Harvie Talks to KDE

The final talk on Saturday at aKademy 2007 was from Patrick Harvie, a Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Green Party. While not a technical wizard like most of the other talks of the day, Patrick was able to describe to us the attitudes to free software from the Government he is elected to keep an eye on, and how the work of KDE developers applies to more than just software. Read on for a summary of his talk.

KDE 4.0-alpha2 Released

KDE Project Ships Second Alpha Release for Leading Free Software Desktop, Codename "Cernighan". KDE 4.0-alpha2 features considerable enhancements of Plasma, the KDE 4 desktop shell.

aKademy 2007: The Keynotes

"aKademy 2007 has kicked off. The first weekend hosted our user conference, which brought many talks about various topics, ranging from very technical to more practically oriented, which were spread over two tracks. The tracks were interweaved with keynote talks. Read on for the report of the aKademy 2007 keynotes."

KDE PIM Libraries and Related Technologies

KDE has a number of sub-projects that have blossomed into enormous projects of their own. A number of them, such as KOffice, or KDE-Edu get a lot of press in the open source world, while the KDE PIM project has been quietly gaining corporate acceptance as a suitable enterprise suite.

KOffice 1.6.3 Released

"This is the last maintenance release of the 1.6 series, containing mainly bug fixes. There are bug fixes for almost all of the components. See the complete changelog for the complete information."