Petition on Apple's forums: iTunes for Linux or iPod unlock

"Are you fed up with Apple trying to prevent you from syncing your iPod nano/classic/touch on Linux machines? Let them know that you want a solution and fast. Either they develop iTunes for Linux, or they unlock the iPod."

IBM's 'Free Radical' Grady Booch: Linux Makes Sense

IBM Rational's "free radical" talks about the enduring difficulties of software development, his advocacy of open source and Second Life, and his license to kill. "The OS wars are largely over. Let's decide on a common platform. Therefore, Linux makes sense," said Grady Booch.

$200 PC Not what was expected, but a wonderful surprise!

"Checkout the rave reviews on this $200 Linux PC. Great PC for surfing the net indeed! Surprising how people can so like Linux when it's offered as a mainstream choice on the PC they purchase."

New Windows refurbisher program fights piracy, Linux

Microsoft Corp. on Friday introduced a new pilot program to encourage refurbishers to install legitimate copies of Windows XP on used PCs. Some resellers "are saying, 'We're just going to ship this stuff out with Ubuntu Linux,'" said Adam Braunstein, an analyst with the Robert Frances Group.

Cray Introduces Next-Generation Linux Supercomputers

Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. launched the Cray XT5(TM) family of supercomputers, marking a significant step toward Cray's vision of adaptive supercomputing. Incorporating all the benefits of the successful Cray XT(TM) line, the Cray XT5 massively parallel processor (MPP) system includes a new compute blade that quadruples local memory capacity, doubles processor density and improves energy efficiency for a significant reduction in total cost of ownership for customers.

BBC overlooks 97000 Linux users

The BBC has apologized for dramatically underestimating the number of open source users who visit its site.

Cray stretches Linux in supercomputer

The day after Google announced a new initiative to pack Linux into mobile handsets, supercomputer designer Cray is announcing a system it claims will be its biggest computers to use the open source operating system. Cray claims its new XT5 systems advance the limits of how many x86 and hybrid processor types it packs into a single system.

Confused BBC tech chief: Only 600 Linux users visit our website

The BBC's technology boss Ashley Highfield has provoked consternation in the UK's open source community by claiming that only a few hundred of the corporation's 17.1 million website visitors use Linux.