Capgemini and Novell Enter Broad Mixed-Source Partnership

Capgemini and Novell today announced a broad partnership that will deliver new solutions to enterprise customers using a combination of open source and proprietary software. Under terms of the agreement, Capgemini will enhance its open source consulting practice with Novell capabilities, specifically centered on the deployment of IT solutions using SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise from Novell(R) along with mixed-source applications and management tools.

Interview with Andy Ritger, Director of Unix Software at NVIDIA

Luboš Doležel of interviews Andy Ritger, Director of Unix Software at NVIDIA.

Novell Supports Xen Virtualization at BMW

Novell today announced that the BMW Group is using SUSE Linux Enterprise Server from Novell with integrated Xen* virtualization software to implement virtualized workloads in its data center, thus reducing hardware costs and simplifying deployment.

Novell Open PR Publication of the Microsoft agreements

"A number of articles about the filings indicate incorrectly that we are excluding OpenOffice from the covenant not to sue under the patent cooperation agreement. That’s not the case. This confusion likely stems from language in the agreements around a “grandfather clause” for certain products. The covenants Microsoft and Novell make to each other’s customers relate to ‘Covered Products.'"

Why Novell Must Not Crash and Burn

Not since SCO has there been a company so reviled by the open source community as Novell following its deal with Microsoft. Already there are some clear signs of the negative effects of that anger: senior coders have left the company; Novell has posted a loss for the most recent quarter; and there are calls for a boycott of Novell products – to say nothing of imminent changes to the GNU GPL that might well nullify the entire Novell-Microsoft deal.

Novell to share details of Microsoft pact

Novell will share details of its patent pact with Microsoft this month in a regulatory filing that has been delayed by a stock option investigation.

Novell and the Electronic Frontier Foundation Team Up to Reform Software Patents

Novell and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) today announced they are teaming up to work on reforms to software patents worldwide.

San Diego Students Learn on Linux Desktops from Novell

San Diego Unified School District selects SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell as standard platform for one-to-one mobile computing initiative.