Ubuntu’s Death Rattle

"Having just posted my thoughts on the Dell/Linux sham, it hit me… This must be the sound of Ubuntu’s death rattle."

Dell Limits Ubuntu Linux Sales

If you’re planning to load up on Dell’s new Ubuntu Linux systems for a corporate department or small business, Dell may have a surprise for you. As the old saying goes, read the fine print.

FON Abandons Microsoft, Adopts Ubuntu

FON founder and CEO, Martin Varsavsky sent the memo below to all employees.

"As of today Fon will disengage from Microsoft and adopt Linux in the Ubuntu form as our operating system of choice."

Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition

At the heart of the Ubuntu project lies a belief that open source software and technology can play a key role in enabling individuals to achieve their potential.

Playing Blu-Ray and HD DVD Video under Ubuntu

It's possible (although a little cumbersome) to play HD DVD and Blu-Ray films under Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn.

Ubuntu lays down the trademark law

Trademarks have recently become something of an issue in open-source circles. Debian, for example, recently took exception to Mozilla's Firefox trademark rules and called its version of the popular browser, IceWeasel. So, Ubuntu has decided to address possible trademark issues by creating its own trademark policy.

Bill Gates' Three-Dollar Barricade Against Ubuntu

Apparently deciding that getting $3 per computer in schools was better than nothing, Bill Gates announced in Beijing last week that Microsoft would sell a version of Windows called Microsoft Student Innovation Suite at said price to government customers buying Windows-based PCs to primary and secondary school students.

Seven Post-Install Tips for Ubuntu 7.04

So, you've just installed Ubuntu 7.04, otherwise known as the "Feisty Fawn" release of everyone's favorite (for now) flavor of Linux. You booted the installation disc, looked around the test environment to discover that your hardware was working, and double-clicked the Install icon on the desktop. The Ubuntu installer helped you make room for Linux on your hard drive, and even copied over some of your documents and settings from Windows.