Freeing a MMORPG - Free Ryzom

Free Software Foundation announces that it will officially support the Free Ryzom campaign with a pledge of $60,000.

The Free Ryzom campaign was established to purchase the online game and universe known as Ryzom, property of the now bankrupt Nevrax company, and release the entire game as free software.

Second Life linux client alpha on Debian

The game’s name is Second Life, and yes, its linux client is the most hassle-free version I’ve ever dealt with. Simply download the package, extract and run the game. There’s no compile-and-install steps at all! If you are running on alsa sound system, your have a video card better than geforce2, then you’ll have no problem running this game. Make sure you’ve installed the nvidia driver like I did, and if you are on ATI cards, fglrx is needed for 3d performance.

Why We Need an Open Source Second Life

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last six months, you will have noticed that the virtual world Second Life is much in the news. According to its home page, there are currently around 1,700,000 residents, who are spending $600,000 – that's real, not virtual, money – in the world each day.

Blizzard Unbans Linux World of Warcraft Players

World of Warcraft players using Cedega (the Linux-based Windows emulator) had their bans lifted after an investigation by Blizzard in cooperation with the Cedega development team revealed that the bans were in fact made in error.

Linux Users Banned From World of Warcraft?

"Many Cedega (formerly WINEX) users claim to have been mistakenly caught up in a security sweep of the U.S. game servers performed by Blizzard's World of Warcraft Game Master (GM) staff. Affected users received the same strongly-worded 'Notice of Account Closure' email messages that true bot users did, in which they were accused of the 'Use of Third Party Automation Software.' While diagnosis of this event continues early speculation points to Blizzard's use of the Warden anti-cheating spyware application that is bundled with World of Warcraft, and the odd things that may have been produced by it when it was run via Cedega. Emails to World of Warcraft's Account Administration staff continue to go unanswered while the list of affected people continues to grow."

Why Gaming Sucks On Linux

Despite last week's article about running World of Warcraft on Linux with CodeWeavers' CrossOver, I can't help but feel a sense of despair when I think of gaming under Linux. It seems that over the last few years, with a few exceptions, things have gotten worse rather than better. Frankly, I've had it with gaming under Linux. It's not worth the time or the effort.

Frozen Bubble 2 Released

One of the most addictive Linux games, Frozen Bubble, just got updated to version 2.0.0. The new version brings you a new singleplayer game mode (multiplayer training), network (LAN, Internet) game mode (up to 5 players), fully revamped graphics, full joystick support, recording and playback of all games with non-predefined levels and more.

Serious Sam 2 for Linux needs Beta testers

Vedran, from Croteam, has put out a call for GNU/Linux client and editor beta testers. If you are interested in beta testing this action-packed first-persion shooter just click on the title link and follow the instructions.