Xbox360 Linux-PPC Kernel 2.6.20 Diff-Patches - Linux Loader Coming Soon

Felix Domke, known from the GameCube homebrew scene and the 'Console Hacking 2006' & 'Xbox and Xbox 360 Hacking' presentations at 23/22C3 posted diff-style kernel patches on ozlabs' linuxppc-dev mailinglist to add Xbox360 hardware support to the linux v2.6.20 kernel.

Project Darkstar, Open Source Plans

At the 2007 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Sun Microsystems, Inc. announced plans to open source Project Darkstar, a online game server platform written entirely in Java technology. The company also announced the opening of registration for the Darkstar Playground, which will enable developers to create a wide variety of games that can be provisioned through a single server platform. Information on these and demonstrations of games running on the Darkstar platform will be on display at Sun's booth #738 in Moscone Center.

Alky makes strides towards bringing Windows games to Linux

Falling Leaf Systems today announces the launch of their Alky conversion technology for Linux. This alpha release is designed as a sneak peak for Linux gaming enthusiasts to get a preview of what's to come. Currently it allows for previewing the Prey demo under Linux; any other titles are unsupported.

PlaneShift Open Source MMORPG Version 0.3.018 is out

Another expansion of the PlaneShift world is ready! Client 0.3.018 is available for download at PlaneShift Download.

Second Life's Open Source Fairy Tale

Developers have no guarantees when they open source an application. In many cases, they don't know who will use it, nor do they know how things will progress.

The fairy tale version is that developers will flock to the recently open sourced application and begin to work with it, immediately adding value for all involved. For Linden Lab's Second Life, the open source fairy tale is coming true.

Second Life to go Open Source

Aiming to take advantage of its already-impressive momentum, San Francisco's Linden Lab, developer of the Second Life virtual online world, will announce Monday that it is taking the first major step toward opening up its software for the contributions of any interested programmer.

X3: Reunion Announced for Linux

Linux Game Publishing has announced they are to publish a Linux version of the hit title X3: Reunion. A sequel to X2: The Threat (already available for Linux), X3 features the most visually impressive effects ever seen in a space game on any platform. An open-ended storyline gives players the chance to follow the plot or just strike out on their own.

PlaneShift Open Source MMORPG Developers Wanted

PlaneShift is an Open Source MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game) which is in a steady process of development . Technically PlaneShift is based on CrystalSpace (with CAL3D and CEL) and is programmed with a full featured client-/server-environment.