Invalidating The Linux Buffer Cache

When you write data, it doesn't necessarily get written to disk right then. The kernel maintains caches of many things, and disk data is something where a lot of work is done to keep everything fast and efficient.

Almost half of users will move to Linux for critical apps in 4 years

A survey of 133 IT executives by Saugatuck Research found that while only 18% were using Linux in critical server deployments presently, almost half these executive said they’ll have their top apps migrating to, or running full steam on, the open source platform in the next four years.

Dell's Secret Linux Fling

Dell's love affair with Linux is a clandestine affair these days, conducted in secret, away from disapproving eyes. But now the pair have been spotted in China.

Accounting Vendors Block Linux Server Use

We all know Microsoft views Linux as a serious threat and will do just about anything to discourage its use. But why would application vendors who actually face competition from Microsoft help it out in this regard? That's what one reader was wondering after discovering that his customers could no longer use a Linux server with their favorite accounting packages.

Santa Cruz Exec, 1999: Linux Hasn't Hurt SCO, It's Helped Us

You won't believe this. A Groklaw member, Jeff Best, has turned up a 1999 CNET article by Stephen Shankland, quoting a Santa Cruz executive saying that Linux not only wasn't hurting SCO -- it was helping:

Open Country Announces Partnership with Turbolinux

Open Country, a next-generation systems management software company, today announced it has entered into a partnership agreement with Turbolinux, Inc., a global provider of Linux-based solutions, to deliver powerful end-to-end management capabilities for Turbolinux’s Chinese customers. Under the terms of the agreement, a customized Mandarin version of Open Country’s OCM™ Universal Systems Management Suite will be bundled with Turbolinux Server 10.5 for the Chinese market.

EU withdraws claim that Linux support is illegal

The European Union has blamed a translation mistake for its claim that it cannot legally support Linux.

As reported last week, the EU had claimed that Linux users could not legally view its video streams — after many thousands complained that they are being excluded. The streaming service offers many important videos of the EU's debates and briefings, but only to Windows and Mac OS users.

Linux: no longer a winner?

"I was thinking about the future of Linux when it occurred to me that one path for its future can seen as a simple consequence of what we mean by "winning." In other words, asking whether Linux will still be a winner in ten years leads first to the question of what we mean by "winner" and then to an answer about where Linux is going."