BlinxS establishment marks shift towards open source OS

The Director of Institut Teknologi Brunei (ITB) said open source software such as Linux is much needed by the sultanate as it is handicapped by the lack of skilled human resources in ICT and the high cost of operating systems (OS), application software and licensing in its attempt to implement e-Government.

Kerala On Linux Express Highway

God's own country Kerala is now closer to Linux. It has become India's first and the only state to have closed its doors to Windows and let Linux in. The drive was kindled by Richard Stallman's visit to the state, inspiring schools to switchover to Linux. As a result, 12,500 high schools in the state are working on Linux and not Windows, thus 'ctrl-alt-delete' the misconception about the complexity of working on Linux platform.

Binary Drivers May Be Banned

Greg Kroah-Hartman appears to be working on a kernel patch which will only allow drivers licensed under the GPL to be loaded into the kernel - at least, that’s what he said in passing in a longer conversation about driver core patches.

Talking Linux IP with Bill Gates

If you could ask Bill Gates one question, what would you ask? I spent an hour today with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on the company's Redmond campus. I chose to ask Bill about Microsoft's intellectual property stance against Linux and its open source developers, from the SCO Group's litigation against IBM to Steve Ballmer's recent claim Linux infringes on Microsoft patents after signing a patent indemnity with Novell.

Linux radio suite powers independent broadcasters

Community radio stations in Sierra Leone and in other emerging democracies may well soon be powered by Campcaster 1.1, free and open source software that turns a PC running the free Linux operating system into an essential tool for radio broadcasting.

Release of ACCESS Linux Platform for Smartphones Pushed Back

Back at 3GSM in February, PalmSource (now officially ACCESS Systems) introduced the ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP), a new Linux-based mobile operating system (OS) for smartphones that's intended to be the follow up to the Palm OS. The company said at the time it would get full version of the platform to licensees by the close of 2006.

Comparison of Linux LiveDistros

LiveDistro is a generic term for an operating system distribution that is executed upon boot, without installation on a hard drive. Typically, it is stored on bootable media such as a CD-ROM (Live CD), DVD (Live DVD), USB Flash Drive, among others. Please see the main article on LiveDistros for more details.

This page compares LiveDistros based on the GNU/Linux operating system.

Dictation System SDK available for Linux

Philips is the first to offer a cost-effective professional dictation solution to users of the Linux operating system.