Bryan Sparks in the late 1990s on Linux v. Unix in the Enterprise

Marbux has found a treasure trove of Caldera v. Microsoft documents and media reports. Actually two. One document that turned up is a Caldera press release announcing the spinning off of Lineo in July 20, 1999. It includes a quotation from then CEO Bryan Sparks that I think relates directly to SCO's claims. It got me started on a research dig.

Why the Novell and Microsoft deal is good for Linux

Industry comment Being ever aware of Microsoft's monopolisation endeavours, coupled with working in a Linux world inherently mistrustful of the software giant, it may seem strange that I believe the Microsoft/Novell agreement will be great for Linux. But I do.

Linux Professionals in China: Are they Different?

A couple weeks back I asked a friend, Song Kewei at the OSS Promotion Union , to tell me who he thought the top 10 Open Source professionals in China were. He gave me a list, which I will keep confidential, and from this list I hope to begin giving readers an idea of what type of people are the champions of the Open Source Community in China. I essentially wrote to each person and asked some basic questions, like when did they first get into Linux, what was their first distribution, what projects do they contribute to, which sites do they troll and if they belong to users groups.

Anger as EU ignores open-source video

More than 7,000 angry Linux users have protested against the European Union after it excluded them from viewing streaming videos.

The EU makes streaming videos of many of its most important council debates and press conferences available online. However, this service only works on Windows and Apple computers.

Xbox 360 to Run Linux / Homebrew Soon?

An anonymous person at the German 23C3 Hacker Congress showed what could be an Xbox360 hack/exploit during one of the 'Lightning Talks'. Lightning Talks is a daily event at Chaos Communication Congress (C3/CCC). It consists in one hour of several short (limited to 5mins) talks.

In a very short presentation a masked 'hacker' showed an Xbox 360 booting up King Kong (the game, by ubisoft). After loading the game a screen pops up showing an Xbox 360 logo, a Mac logo and Tux (the Linux Penguin) and the words "coming soon...". I also noticed a small PCB is hanging out of his Xbox360 and he's using a laptop (Apple Macbook pro?), but it's not really clear what he's doing with it.

Linux to push on into mission-critical computing

Having acquitted itself well at the network perimeter, enterprises are now ready to let Linux in on its crown jewels: mission-critical computing, claims report.

Almost half of the world's large businesses will favour Linux for their mission-critical applications by the end of 2011, according to research.

TUX Magazine Ends Publication

Looks like TUX Magazine has decided to call it quits.

"I am sorry to inform our readers that Issue 20 of TUX was the last produced. While we have received an amazing amount of positive feedback about the magazine, the financial reality of the situation made it impossible for us to continue publishing TUX. Current revenues didn't cover current costs, much less allow us to expand the publication as we wished."

A New Face for Icedove

Check out the new artwork for Icedove (mozilla-thunderbird under Debian) application. Rather feminine, but it's clean and unique, I like! This new look will be available in the next release, read more to see a few screenshots.