Zenoss Releases New Version of Open Source Enterprise Monitoring Product

Latest Release adds support for Nagios plug-ins and additional "enterprise" features

Annapolis, MD—August 29, 2006—Zenoss, Inc., a leading provider of open source network and systems management software, announced today the release of an updated version of its open source enterprise monitoring product.

Offering the most complete IT monitoring software suite available as open source, the new version of Zenoss features:

· Built in Support for Nagios Plug-Ins

o Existing users of Nagios can continue to use widely available and/or customized Nagios plug-ins in support of their systems monitoring requirements. By supporting Nagios plug-ins, Zenoss expands its reach throughout the IT infrastructure.

· Enhanced Maintenance Window Scheduling and Support

o To further increase the relevance of Zenoss-generated alarms, the new version allows users to automatically place individual resources or groups of resources into a maintenance mode. Users can build recurring, scheduled or one-time maintenance windows.

· Expanded Event Management

o Zenoss expanded its event management module with native support for SNMP trap event collection. The Zenoss event management module provides centralized, organization-wide IT event collection, classification, alerting and reporting.

· Expanded Availability Monitoring

o Zenoss has added support for process-level availability monitoring using SNMP, expanding the availability monitoring module which actively tests and measures the availability of resources throughout the IT infrastructure.

“The latest release reinforces our position as the most complete open source IT monitoring product available." said Erik Dahl, CTO, Zenoss, Inc. "Delivered as open source, we provide organizations of all sizes with access to enterprise-grade monitoring for a fraction of the hassle and expense of traditional solutions."

About Zenoss, Inc.

Based in Annapolis, MD, Zenoss is an open source network and systems management software company that provides a lower cost and easier to deploy alternative to the big suites from IBM, HP, CA and BMC for enterprise-wide IT infrastructure monitoring. For more information please visit www.zenoss.com.