Transcript of talk with Richard .M. Stallman

Various governments in the developing world are slowly but surely waking up to the advantages that free software can provide both in terms of monetary savings as well as otherwise. One example of this new way of thinking is the Kerala state government's decision to use Linux in all the government run schools in the state. In fact this trend is so prominent that even national dailies have started dedicating valuable column space for bringing the latest going ons in the free software community.

One example of such a leading Indian English language newspaper is "The Hindu" . This Indian national newspaper boasts of a readership of over 4.5 million and has cultivated an image of providing balanced and unbiased news. Recently they concluded a series of surveys about the social aspects and the aspirations of the Indian populace in association with CNN-IBN television channel (the Indian subsidiary of CNN). I am an avid reader of this leading Indian English daily.