Red Hat and Nokia Collaborate on Carrier-grade Server System

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, and Nokia today announced that the two companies have agreed to collaborate on carrier-grade telecommunications solutions, allowing Nokia to deliver carrier-grade solutions that meet the high performance and availability requirements demanded by operators. Nokia's Networks Business Group has selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its primary operating system for carrier-grade server platforms. Red Hat will provide Nokia with onsite consulting, support, certification and training services, and will be tightly integrated with Nokia's technical team for telecommunications solutions development.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform has long been known for high levels of reliability and availability in situations where downtime is not an option. Working with Nokia, we plan to make our solution for the telecommunications industry even stronger, said Paul Cormier, Executive Vice President of Engineering, Red Hat. We are especially pleased to have gained the confidence of Nokia's Networks Group as evidenced by their decision to use Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its primary operating system.

Nokia's strategy focuses on long-term, committed cooperation with the most innovative players in the industry, said Juha Carlson, General Manager, Product Platforms at Networks, Nokia. The aim is to provide superior customer value with open, advanced and high quality products, solutions and services. Our cooperation with Red Hat on Enterprise Linux is building on Nokia's experience and commitment to open ecosystems and technologies.

Nokia will continue to work with Red Hat on carrier-grade server platforms that are used as the underlying infrastructure for a wide range of emerging Nokia solutions. Nokia will focus its deployment on the FlexiPlatform, and will complete full integration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux on multiple hardware variants this year.

"Red Hat's mantra is to create value for customers. I believe this is one of few companies actually positioned to make this happen," said Van Wyk. "Working closely with channel partners and customers, I hope to drive forward the value creation Red Hat started years ago."

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