IBM's Squashes SCO's Bogo "Spoliation" Claim

Hey, remember SCO?

I almost forgot myself. It's hard to focus on SCO when we're now into Son of SCO. Or is it Father? Anyway, there was a filing today, and it's important. SCO, as you'll recall, did some FUDding in the media about alleged spoliation, which some SCO-supporting media types lapped up to the very last drop and made sound like a big deal. Well, here's IBM's side. You'll laugh, snort, and then perhaps get mad at SCO, if you're like me and have a sense of justice. SCO has to know that they are raising a bogus issue, I think, but they did it anyway. What do you call that? I call it a frivolous motion, personally, and I more and more suspect we may well see the court sanction both SCO and Boies Schiller before this is over.