Mandriva Linux 2007 Officially Released

Last week we announced Mandriva's brand new distribution, and now Mandriva Linux 2007 is finally available to the public.

The key innovation of Mandriva Linux 2007 is the spectacular AIGLX and Xgl 3D-accelerated desktop. Mandriva is the only distribution to provide both technologies and is particularly happy to have achieved this major breakthrough in desktop appearance. In addition, a new theme named Ia Ora ("hello" in French Polynesian) has been introduced.

Mandriva developed Invictus Firewall - this feature is available in Powerpack+ 2007 - a high-availability redundant firewall cluster system. To match everyone's needs, Mandriva Linux 2007 includes the latest innovations in the fields of office suite applications, Internet, multimedia and the new virtualization and 3D-accelerated desktop technologies. You can:

* Watch all your favorite movies legally on LinDVD;
* Play video games with TransGaming's Cedega;
* Discover FlatOut, the famous car racing game;
* Enjoy 6 months of anti-virus protection with Kaspersky;
* Benefit from the powerful BitDefender;
* Run and manage any virtual machine with VMware Player, an integrated system virtualization solution.

Moreover, Mandriva Linux 2007 users can make unlimited voice calls for free with Skype, import, manage and play music with amaroK or Banshee, easily install, uninstall and update software with a new integrated version of the rpmdrake software management tool, and preserve files and folders with Arkeia Smart Backup. Mandriva Linux 2007 also include the most up-to-date versions of key open source products.

As usual, Mandriva Linux 2007 is available in three versions:
Discovery (for the Linux beginner), Powerpack (for the advanced computer user) and Powerpack+ (for SOHO users). Finally, an updated, Mandriva Linux 2007-based version of Mandriva One will be available with the 2007 launch.

Of course Mandriva Club members can also download the Mandriva Linux 2007.
Standard club members have access to the Powerpack 4 CDs version, including commercial drivers and applications.
Silver club members have access to the full Powerpack (6 CDs and DVD) + the Discovery 2007!
Gold and Platinum members access to the full Powerpack (6 CDs and DVD), the Discovery 2007 and the Powerpack+!

Club members can download Mandriva Linux 2007 through a dedicated download platform using Bittorrent, HTTP access, FTP access and dedicated FTP access (on demand).

To download the latest Mandriva Linux version + the 2007 guide and to get benefit from all the other Club services join the Club now. Club memberships start at 11 euros/USD12!

You can also buy the downloadable version of Mandriva Linux 2007 on Mandriva Store.

Remember, commercial Mandriva Linux versions include support, Club trial account, Mandriva Online account (update alert system), user guides but also commercial video drivers and applications such as Java, flash player etc... with an auto installation system, no need to be an expert to install these apps!

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