GIMP 2.3.12 Development Release

Version 2.3.12 is a snapshot of the development towards GIMP 2.4. We are mostly polishing things at this point, but a few features are still waiting to be added. The source code for this release can be downloaded from the usual places.

Changes in GIMP 2.3.12

- merged the Perspective Clone tool
- allow to pan the image view using the Space bar
- show a thumbnail in the "Rotate JPEG?" query dialog
- added file information to the Image Properties dialog
- more work on the new selection tools
- give immidiate feedback when tool modifier keys are pressed
- added Lens Distortion plug-in
- internationalize Python binding and Python plug-ins
- improved internal message infrastructure, use the statusbar for warnings
- added an URL loader backend based on libcurl
- build a color-managed CMYK color selector if lcms is available
- localize Script-Fu procedure descriptions
- lots of user interface polishing
- bug fixes and code cleanup