Massive desktop Linux migration kept quiet

Why has the country's biggest known desktop Linux implementation gone relatively unpublicised for so long?

This week I wrote about Kennards Hire's project to migrate its whole IT infrastructure to Linux. The project should be a milestone reference point for vendors like Novell and Sun who keep telling us Linux is ready for the desktop, despite a dearth of local customers.

We tried to cover the rollout late last year. Kennards were not keen to discuss it until a later date, however.

As it stands now, the desktop component was completed some time ago. Why then, has some marketing machine not told the world about Kennards' rollout?

Answer: because they're using Fedora.

Although sponsored by Red Hat, the Fedora project is mainly run by volunteers. Without the mouthpiece of a multinational, this sizeable Linux rollout has gone relatively unnoticed for some time.

Which makes it even more interesting. Is this, in fact, Australia's biggest deployment of Linux desktops? Or are there others out there, quietly chugging away?,139023165,339270957,00.htm?ref=search