Mandriva teams up with TransGaming to release gaming-enhanced MandrivaLinux 2007

TransGaming Inc., a leading developer of software portability products for the electronic entertainment industry, announced today that MandrivaLinux 2007 will include direct integration of their Cedega portability engine along with Empire Interactive's popular game FlatOut. This OEM agreement brings the thrill of electronic entertainment to Mandriva’s growing Linux user-base.

The combination of Cedega and FlatOut is seamlessly integrated within the MandrivaLinux 2007 installer, giving Linux users access to top tier titles as part of the operating system, while also allowing them to play hundreds more games, right out of the box. In addition to FlatOut, users will be able to play blockbuster titles with Cedega such as Battlefield 2, World of WarCraft, Civilization IV, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Madden 2006 and more.

“We are extremely pleased to be partnering with Mandriva again, especially as video games continue to be in high demand on the Linux operating system. Mandriva has established itself as a leading provider of the Linux OS with a global distribution network and product availability in over 120 countries. This partnership not only extends TransGaming’s product offering to new territories, but also significantly differentiates MandrivaLinux from other Linux versions,” remarks Vikas Gupta, CEO of TransGaming.

The MandrivaLinux 2007 package will include a multitude of new features, among them improved overall usability, 3D desktop, Skype, LinDVD, as well as a complete office suite. As video games are widely recognized to play a pivotal role in the adoption of new operating systems and rank among the top three usages of a desktop computer, the addition of the gaming component makes this version more complete, catering to the full breadth of a Linux user’s needs.

“We are confident that this introduction of Cedega and FlatOut satisfies a very popular demand. Thanks to Cedega, Mandriva Linux is more complete today and ready to give our customers essentials they have come to expect of a desktop computer, coupled with the joy of playing the most advanced Windows games,” said Klara Mika, ISV Business Development Manager at Mandriva.

The gaming-enabled version of MandrivaLinux 2007 is scheduled to launch October 2nd, 2006 and will be available for download from Mandriva's webstore at For more information about Cedega, or any other TransGaming product, please visit the TransGaming website at