Flourish 2007

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines Flourish as "to grow luxuriantly, to thrive, to achieve success, to reach a height of development or influence." It is our belief that Free Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) has reached this state of flourishing, and can no longer be ignored by any serious IT player. Where do we go from here? What can we expect from FLOSS and its community?

In this inquisitive spirit, The University of Illinois at Chicago’s CS Department, the Linux User’s Group at UIC, and the Association for Computer Machinery at UIC would like to invite you to come join us April 6-7 to Flourish!: a two-day conference reflecting on the impact of FLOSS on our future.

We are extending this open invitation to academia, to industry members, and to the community, so that together we can explore FLOSS and how it influences our daily lives, both present and future.

Flourish Will Explore:

* How is FLOSS used in the academic and research communities?
* Does FLOSS generate new academic opportunities?


* Will expertise using FLOSS tools increate my marketability after graduation?
* Has the time finally come for companies set up shop around FLOSS?
* Is FLOSS suited for the professional environment?
* Is there a business model for non-commercial licenses?


* What is the key to a successful FLOSS project?
* Classic Myths in FLOSS and Free Software development
* Can the Free and FLOSS models be applied beyond software?
* Women and FLOSS: contributions, opportunities, and the community.

April 6-7 2007