ChainBuilder ESB for Linux has HL7 and TCP IP support

Bostech Corporation has announced the M1 release of ChainBuilder ESB 1.1 for Linux, an open source JBI compliant product focusing on easy-to-use and integration with disparate systems. The release provides the supports of the Health Level 7 (HL7) and TCP/IP. The ChainBuilder 1.1 GA release is due in May 2007.

Highlights in ChainBuilder ESB 1.1 Milestone 1 include:

* HL7 Message Support - the functionality to parse and transform HL7 messages. It includes the HL7 Editor to create new definitions or modify standard definitions. The Content Based Router (CBR) is enhanced to support HL7 based on the type and trigger event of message. The Map Editor provides the ability to transform between an HL7 message and any other supported format like XML, X12 and custom formats defined in the Format Editor. The supported HL7 version are 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.4.

* TCP/IP Protocol support - a new TCP/IP Binding Component is available to provide server or client functionality. It supports SSL connections (anonymous, client and/or server authentication). The component provides a handler framework which allows the ability to implement application-level protocols such as HL7 minimum lower level protocol (MLLP). Handlers are provided for HL7 MLLP, HL7 MLLP with ACK/NAK and 4-byte Length Encoded. A TCP/IP wizard is provided in Flow Editor to configure the component.

* Certificate Manager - a new Certificate Manager Wizard which provides the ability to maintain keys and certificates used to establish an SSL connection. The wizard provides the ability to import and export certificates into/from a Key Store or Trust Store. It can create self-signed certificates as well as issue Certificate Signing Requests. It also provides the ability to view the contents of certificate files and Key Store files. The wizard guides users through the common scenarios of anonymous, self-signed, and certificate authority (CA) signed certificate.

* X12 and HL7 Testing Tool - a new feature added in the X12 and HL7 Variant Editor allows users to test the definition with test files before using it in a map or in a component flow.

The following additional functionalities are scheduled to be in the ChainBuilder 1.1 GA release:

* Support for the latest Apache ServiceMix v3.1 as the embedded JBI container.

* Certify Sun's OpenESB as an alternate JBI container.

* A Scheduler component based on Quartz library.

* A custom component framework to allow users to plug their JBI compliant components into the Flow Editor.

* SMTP and POP3 Binding Components.

In addition, the Bostech team is offering 30 days of free support to encourage people to download and evaluate the product. For more information on this program, visit

The ChainBuilder ESB 1.1 Milestone 1 for Linux and its source code are now available for download at