Fiire unveils new LinuxMCE product

Fiire announced the FiireStation 1, a 1" thick media connection for the FiireEngine designed to fit behind a Plasma or LCD TV. The FiireStation 1" runs the media client software of the LinuxMCE software suite, giving access to the LinuxMCE collection of services including HD Video playback, full advanced PVR capability, Smarthome control facilities for lighting, HVAC, irrigation, and other home systems, Security camera access and integrated VOIP. Plus remote control and viewing of any other a/v devices anywhere in the home connected to the FiireEngine or other FiireStations. All of these services are available through the FiireStation 1". And it supports the Fiire Gyro motion controlled remote while hiding behind the LCD display. The installation creates a visually unobtrusive display with no external boxes.