Mandriva Benelux is launched

Mandriva Benelux NV (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) was
launched on August 16th 2007 as the sole Benelux partner for Mandriva
S.A, offering Mandriva Linux operating systems. Our target areas are
corporate applications and solutions to individuals, educational
institutions, public and private organizations, ISVs and OEMs all over
the Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg region.

The goal of Mandriva Benelux NV is to provide local distribution of
Mandriva Linux and other integrated open source applications in
multiple languages throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Mandriva Benelux NV strategic goals are based on the following:

* the development of a nationwide support networks. Mandriva
Benelux NV has formed a special Linux database for customers
purchasing from Belgium, The Netherlands or Luxembourg, the
database will include the following:

- access to Linux Command Database;
- access to problem and solutions database;
- priority problem solving (private questions and answers form).

* making Mandriva products available through Benelux OEMs and
VARs. Bundling Mandriva Linux with their hardware, for private
and corporate users;

* work with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to provide an open
source integration environment for their application, thereby
make their products available to the international market;

* work with educational institutions and organizations in bridging
the digital divide;

* appoint and develop Mandriva certified business partners to
provide Linux deployment and act as a support network to help
individuals and organizations;

* appoint and develop Mandriva authorized education centres to
provide Linux Professional Institute-certified Linux training and
create a network of certified Linux engineers and professionals;

* sales through distribution networks of Mandriva Linux software
and hardware.

The OEM versions of all Mandriva products are currently available and
running on hardware from major international OEM vendors like HP,
IBM/Lenovo, Dell and Acer. Mandriva Benelux plans to work with local
OEMs in bundling these products on their hardware.

For more information on Mandriva Benelux visit the official website: