World’s Largest P2P Media Distribution Provider Selects Zenoss

Zenoss announced that Pando Networks, a top provider of managed peer-to-peer (P2P) media distribution services, has deployed Zenoss Enterprise to manage the configuration, health and performance of its rapidly growing IT infrastructure. Pando chose Zenoss over proprietary and open source alternatives to gain access to a powerful yet affordable network, server and application management solution.

Today, Pando boasts an online user base of over 15 million. "We are growing at a rate of almost 1.5 million users per month, and deliver over 130 Terabytes of data per day,” says Laird Popkin, CTO of Pando Networks. To handle such scale, Pando needed an IT management solution that would keep pace and provide visibility into its vast infrastructure, while remaining affordable to a growing company. "We had outgrown the standard open source solutions that really don’t scale to large, geographically distributed farms with hundreds of servers."

Popkin’s objective as the CIO was to help the company grow to 25 million users by the end of 2007 and he needed to deploy a proactive IT management solution that was complete, scalable and affordable. “With Zenoss we can track rates of document delivery, completions, cancellations, and installs to ensure that, at every level of our infrastructure, things are working properly - all this through a single monitoring and alerting system," says Popkin. “Zenoss provided us an affordable option without compromising.”

Pando had been using a popular open source monitoring tool, but had outgrown its capacity and needed deeper functionality. Pando evaluated large commercial suites and other open source options before selecting Zenoss. “We looked at Computer Associates (CA), among others. It was very expensive and required a costly and lengthy professional services engagement,” says Popkin.

Pando ultimately chose Zenoss because it offered the most complete, scalable and affordable option. With much-needed flexibility and no lengthy professional services engagement required for deployment and maintenance, Zenoss offered Pando the perfect solution. “We received initial help from Zenoss professional services and they were great,” adds Popkin, “It has been very easy for us to maintain and customize Zenoss to fit our IT needs.”

"As the leading P2P media distribution provider, Pando offers another great example of how Zenoss addresses the needs of the next generation of IT-based businesses," said Bill Karpovich, CEO and Co-Founder of Zenoss, Inc.
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