Continuent Offers Data Availability, Boosts Open Source Database Scaling

Continuent today announced new versions of Continuent uni/cluster for PostgreSQL and Continuent uni/cluster for MySQL with enhanced database scaling and ease of deployment in large-scale production environments. Continuent uni/cluster is a suite of middleware software that delivers high-availability and scalability clustering for virtually any mission critical database application.

The key enhancements of release 2007.1 are:

* Enhanced processing to handle queries that return tens of millions of rows
* Certified operation of virtual databases containing up to 10,000 tables
* Parallel start of virtual databases to rapidly bring up large database servers containing multiple databases
* Log mechanisms permitting efficient storage and replay of large numbers of updates during recovery.

These features allow Continuent uni/cluster to reach the next level of scalability in demanding production environments.

"Release 2007.1 has a number of important usability features such as easier configuration file layout, documentation improvements, and improved installation with error checking. For MySQL, we have added support for stored functions that contain writes. For PostgreSQL, we introduced support for PostGIS functions," said Eero Teerikorpi, CEO at Continuent.

Continuent uni/cluster for PostgreSQL and Continuent uni/cluster for MySQL release 2007.1 are now available with pricing starting at $195/month/database CPU.

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