OrangeHRM Partners With PicassoHR

SEACAUCUS, NJ ( December 10 ,2007) - OrangeHRM , a leading provider of open-source HR Management solution for small and medium sized enterprises worldwide, has announced a partnership with PicassoHR, a people focused company, dedicated to providing cost effective, professional, human resource management support to companies of all sizes.

“Partnering with PicassoHR helps us to localize the application to the UK market. Also, having a reputed partner in the UK gives us the chance to meet the end users face to face and be on site if the users do have any issues", said Sujee Saparamadu, the CEO of OrangeHRM Inc. "We at OrangeHRM has given great attention for prioritizing, selection and implementation of the new features, as we are trying to keep the balance between satisfaction of individual needs and application of broad perspective. Partnering with PicassoHR delivers us the best ways how to reach the people with respect to their HR issues. PicassoHR will help us to understand what today’s organizations expect from a Human Resource Management software. This will help us to increase the flexibility and the user friendliness of our system”.

About PicassoHR

PicassoHR is a people focused organization, operating in the United Kingdom which has the expertise in the art of managing people effectively. It strongly believes in their competitive advantage with regards to Human Resource, which has been achieved through energy and commitment.

PicassoHR is specialized in four strategic areas.

 Outsourcing

By using Picasso HR, an organization can focus on its core business, confident in the knowledge that the company is complying with employment legislation and the HR management activities are being taken care of.

 HR Consultancy
Picasso HR can provide businesses with an affordable consultancy service, such as performance management, reward management, redundancy issues or team building at any level in the organization.

 Training

Picasso HR has the expertise and knowledge to provide a wide range of bespoke training to a variety of audiences on all areas of human resources and management, including;
-conflict resolution
-coaching for excellence
-appraisal interview
-staff development.

 Health And Safety

Picasso HR provides consultancy to ensure that an organization is complying with H&S legislation and sound business practice. The activities they carry out include;
-H & S Audit
-Risk assessment
-Training and instruction

About OrangeHRM Inc

OrangeHRM Inc. is a highly flexible emerging organization in the area of Human Resource Management (HRM) also known as the Human Capital Management (HCM). Being the provider of an Open Source HRM software application, OrangeHRM offers the variety of features, such as Personal Information Management (PIM), Employee Self Service (ESS), Leave Management, Time and Attendance tracking free of charge. In addition, OrangeHRM offers an On-Demand solution - a subscription-based hosted service that eliminates the need for installing and maintaining the product internally.

Availability, ease of installation and use, professional support and customization services, short development cycles, fast growth, and leveraging collective knowledge and intelligence encourage SMEs from all over the world to choose OrangeHRM as the solution for managing their most valuable resource – people.

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