PlaneShift Open Source MMORPG Version 0.3.018 is out

Another expansion of the PlaneShift world is ready! Client 0.3.018 is available for download at PlaneShift Download.

PlaneShift is an Open Source MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online RolePlaying Game) which is in a steady process of development . PlaneShift is based on CrystalSpace and is programmed with a full featured client-/server-environment. Here are some of the improvements contained in this release compared to version 0.3.017:

* New area south of hydlaa, called the winch.
* Hair styles support added. For now just the female ynnwn has different hair styles, but more will be added later
* New animations for some characters, like ynnwn male.
* New items and icons shipped into the client
* Lot of new quests loaded
* New faction system, you can see a first implementation in your skills window, under factions.
* GMs can register official events on the server, players participating to events can access events tab in quests window.
* Added new map function, to display/create maps
* First implementation of locks and keys (not fully usable yet)
* Many bug fixes and improvements

MacOSX and Linux version will be ready in few days.

So, as PlaneShift is in steady development, the developers-team is steadily hiring new team members or WTB's (Want To Be's). An overview is available at If you want to join the team ( here are 10 reasons why you should dedicate some of your time (or your entire life, as you prefer) to PlaneShift:

1. PlaneShift is the first 3D MMORPG to be free for all players to play, as much as they want
2. Thousands of fans will see and enjoy what YOU made
3. It will not be your job, but your hobby, so you can really enjoy it and work in the areas you like best
4. The team is ever growing, with talented people from all over the world sharing the same dream
5. Unlike pro games, no commercial constraints such as money, time, or schedule can stop us. Only our own quality standards and talents determine how far we can go
6. We are a fair, friendly and happy team! With contributors from 11 countries currently, you can make new friends all around the world--all with talents and interests similar to your own
7. We have a unique license which we feel will ensure the success of the project and the integrity of the game we are creating
8. The core engine is released under GPL giving to it endless life and endless ability to improve.
9. You will have the chance to contribute to the fun of thousands of players
10. With our vision of free and open code and free play, Planeshift Will shake the gaming community in the next few years